Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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  Accounting standard pronouncements are issued by the Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Thailand (ICAAT). 

These pronouncements must be followed in the preparation of the financial statements and correlate very closely to International Accounting Standards and the United States� Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 

The IACCT has released about 16 accounting pronouncements in areas of accounting policies, accounting changes, earnings per share, and income recognition.
The Board of Supervision of Auditing Practice acts as the control body to which auditing standards and professional ethics are proposed.
  Thailand has close ties to the United States and has been influenced by Western values. Thailand's accounting policies do follow U.S. standards; however, Thailand is considered a less-developed county and as such, would be "most influenced by the accounting values of statutory control, uniformity, conservatism, and secrecy".
Thailand would likely reflect the values of its fellow Asian neighbors.
:: Thailand Accountant : Compinies
  Panwa Accounting and Auditing    
  Panwa Group, founded in year 2000, is accounting, auditing and tax-business advisory firm based in Bangkok and Phuket. Founder and managing director is Mr. Prasert Poothong, a certified public accountant (C.P.A. Thailand) with over 10 years experience at management level. We serve small to medium size local and international companies in various businesses around Thailand. 

At present, we are providing auditing service to more than 120 companies, and accounting and taxation services to more than 80 companies all over Thailand. Many of these business have foreign, non-Thai partnerships.



2020严打菲律宾网赌kpmg in thailand provides a full range of audit, tax and advisory services.

today, with more than 1,000 thai and expatriate professionals, kpmg is one of the largest professional services firms in thailand with a balanced mix of international and local clients.


  MSNA LTD.    

if you are looking for a thai accounting firm in bangkok thailand that provides accounting service, taxation service, audit service, payroll service, company set-up, and work permit service, you have come to the right place.

2020严打菲律宾网赌 we also provide human resource outsourcing and us tax returns services.

2020严打菲律宾网赌 finding a bangkok accounting company is not difficult. finding a good bangkok accounting company is not hard. that depends on how you define “good”.

  JWS Consulting    

JWS Consulting is one of the leading accounting and audit firms in Thailand that provides efficientand friendly accounting & administrative services.

JWS provides client-specific assistance in the maintenance of books of account and preparation of financial statements as required by relevant local authorities. These services can be provided alone or in combination with other tax and legal services. 

We also provide clients with the flexibility of a complete in-house accounting, tax and payroll system without need of purchasing expensive hardware and software or employing whole accounting & human resource departments.


2020严打菲律宾网赌jws consulting has provided accounting and compliance services to local and foreign clients through many challenging years and has accumulated invaluable resources in the process.  jws is indeed in an authoritative position to give clients the edge to address business needs.

  • Accounting System
  • Monthly Bookkeeping & Tax Filings
  • Internal Control & InternalAudit
  • Financial Statements Audit (Annual Audit)


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  Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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