Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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Bangkok is a gourmet's dream, with just about every cuisine represented from all around the globe. Thai food is obviously abaundant, from cheap street vendors (try to try the street food at least once on your visit) to royal Thai cuisine served in luxurious oppulence in some of the city's finest restaurants. Other cuisines particulary well represnted in the capital include Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other Asian. European food is readily available at most hotels and in plenty of other outlets around the city, with Itlaian cuisine somewhat predominant.
Most hotels have at least one restaurant or coffee shop, the top end places often boast several f&b outlets, many of excellent quality. Buffets and Sunday brunch can be had at many of these places, some of which offer superb food and represent excellent value for money. Bangkok also boasts branches of many international chains including Hard Rock Cafe, TGIF, Tony Roma's etc. while fast-food freaks will be delighted to find numerous branches of McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut as well as local variations along similar themes.
  Many of Bangkok's numerous bars and pubs also serve food, from bar snacks to full meals. The city is home to sizeable British, American and Australian expatriate communities and this is often reflected in the food available at these places.
 Goodview Bar & Restaurant
The Good View serves international Thai cuisine,
European cuisine, and Japanese cuisine. With the above wide range of food menus, The Good View
also have an extensive selection of wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and amazing choices of cocktails.
Designed in contemporary wooden style, The Good View gives an easy atmosphere and semi-formal place to experience Chiang Mai nightlife.
With the same above concept, the Good View has extended its presence by opening another branch in Bangkok and lay it on the shore of the famous Chao Phraya river at the Charoen Krung Rd.

Bussaracum Restaurant Royal Kitchen Group Woodstock Bar & Grill
In the 1980s, it was not possible to find in Thailand a genuine find-dinging Thai restaurant true to local recipes and preparations. Some of the larger international hotels served what they termed local cuisine, but it was too often significantly altered for palates unaccustomed to the varied and sometimes strong flavours that define Thai food. A group of business partners, all serious gourmets, took note of this circumstance and decided to so something about it. Bussaracum Thai restaurant was the result. Royal Kitchen serves Cantonese cuisine prepared by our Hong Kong chefs and offers everything from dim sum lunches to suckling pig and more.
Available are 12 private rooms accommodating up to 150 people for a truly royal banquet. Come and experience our
award-winning 10-course menus
in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.
Feel truly welcome in this stylish boutique hotel, with 251 rooms, located in the heart of Bangkok. The Majestic Grande combines contemporary décor and state-of-the-art technology with a warmth of hospitality which is uniquely Thai. For friendly service and the best of comfort and facilities, whether travelling for business or pleasure, the Majestic Grande is your ideal choice.

Indian Restaurant
Indus is housed in a 1960s art deco house formerly known as The Whole Earth Restaurant.
Indus is sourrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden that provides outdoor seating beneath
bamboo and palm trees and amid lush tropical greenery.
Yok Yor Sea Food
Thai cuisine Restaurant for the group of Vijit & YokYor Restaurant fully willing to serve our customers on Thai, Chinese & International food.
We provide varity atmosphere delicious cuisine live band and cool climate but warm for service.

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  Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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