Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.  
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Shopping in Thailand
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Thai Carvings
SB Flower Shop

2020严打菲律宾网赌the numerous carvings produced and displayed in thailand are very much evident in a variety of some of the most unusual but nevertheless spectacular creations. many capture shapes in the form of wood carving, stone carving, bronze carving, ivory carving as well as some superb and intricate soap carving and fruit carving.it all boils down to the meticulous, articulate, patient and artistic ability that thai artists have when it comes to archiving such extremely high standards in all fields of art. you also cannot help but marvel at the perfectionism and unique style the artists employ to create these carvings while utilizing a variety the local materials made available to them. just watching them at work is a fascinating experience.you get a first hand inside look into all of their creative dens as you amble around the cities and back yards as part of your travels. thai artists allow you countless opportunities to view and enjoy their creations as they diligently ply their trade.

ChiangMai Craft Bangkokpuppet FlowerLights
Chiangmaicraft is an English-Thai company based in Chiang Mai in northernThailand.We supply and export Thai traditional handmade crafts and gifts to many countries around the world. Pop Fashion wholesale site mainly engaged in the Korean version of women's fashion, Japan and South Korea style clothing.Over the years they are welcomed by the mainland , Hong Kong and, Europe,America,Southeast,Asia,Australia.You can contact their MSN or by E-mail. We manufacture, wholesale, export handmade gifts, Oriental lamps, Asian lanterns, wedding decorative lights, holiday party string lights, flower fairy lights, flower branch lights, flower tea lights, floating candles, candle gift boxes

Benjarong is traditional thai five basic colors style pottery. All people in thailand used is for gifts and show in their home in office. Thai
people always buy it for present during thai new year because it's very beautiful. These benjarong products can only be made by hand. When people see this product they know this is thai.

You can use Benjarong to make your house pretty or you can use for everyday use . Benjarong is product that everybody know and that everyone is very proud of These date back to the 18th centry when they were only made for the thai royal family. They are still associated with royality and are held in high reguard. Benjarong is the type of product anyone would be very pleased to recieve.

Chiangmai eShopping
WChiang Mai is renowned as "The Capital of handicrafts" since numerous generations of artisans, from various skills, have settled
down here for long time. Nowadays, Chiang Mai Walking Street or Sunday Street Market has become a Lanna wisdom center where the artisans'creations are presented to visitors from all over the world. Chiang Mai Lanna Products is a representative who connects you with our brotherhood of artisans under the intensive control of the product quality check, the purchase system (our credit card online payment system is verified by Visa and Master Secure Code, the shipment (via UPS, DHL, FEDEX, post, etc.,) and the fair return & refund policy in case you are not satisfieed with our productts.

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  Hi ! My name is BOB and I have been living and shopping in Thailand for the past 20 Years. My experience recommends this site to you.
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